Goodwill Running

Wal-Mart can be a hotbed for unpleasant encounters but this recent one trumped all for me. It was a Saturday and I was leaving the store I saw a wallet spring out of someone’s pocket. I watched for three or four seconds with no sign of anyone jumping into action. I headed over and bent over to pick it up. An older but fit woman had her eye on it too. She voiced her disappointment at not having retrieved it first with “Can you even pick that up?” I assured her I could and did so. I attributed her crass remark to the fact that I was laden down with a heavy load in my backpack. She did not stop there. “I can probably get it to him quicker.” As someone who was packing too much fat on my body, I had to ask, and icily so, WHAT would make her assume such a thing? She retorted “Because I am a fast runner.” I was not buying it and let her know. Besides, it’s a parking lot, not a 10-K. As a former runner myself, I darted away from her flip-fops flapping away. I caught up to the gentleman and handed him his wallet. He looked at me as if I had picked his pocket myself! I did not wait to hear if he thanked me. As luck would have it, running woman was right there and before I could censure myself, I croaked  out “Bitch!” to her. I imagine those around me must have been duly impressed. So the moral of the story is indeed that all good deeds go unpunished. And think twice before you fat shame someone-it may come back to bite you! 


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